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Footage.net Moves Stock Footage Platform to the Cloud 

Footage.net, the stock footage search engine, has moved its footage search and screening platform to a high-performance, tier-three data center, significantly improving site speed, reliability and data security. 

New York – April 29, 2013 – Footage.net, the world’s premier online resource for stock footage search and discovery, announced today that it has moved its stock footage search and screening platform to a high-performance, tier-three data center.  This new, fully scalable, cloud-based hosted solution allows Footage.net to deliver faster response times to creative professionals, significantly improving its overall site utility and user experience. Additionally, the secure, cloud-based infrastructure enhances Footage.net’s ability to provide world-class footage research and screening tools on a continuous, uninterrupted basis. 

“We’re very excited about our move to the cloud,” said David Seevers, Footage.net Chief Marketing Officer. “With over six million records and close to three million preview clips available through our platform, we needed a better hosting solution and greater reliability across a wide range of site performance factors. Our users want to navigate through our footage database quickly, so delivering faster search results and expedited page response rates makes for a better all-around product and user experience. It also makes the database more secure.” 

Because the new data center resides on a private, fiber-optic network, Footage.net is now able to deliver search results and page-to-page navigation much faster than it could before, which is critical given the sheer volume of data now included in the Footage.net database. In addition, Footage.net’s move to a fully supported, tier-three data center significantly decreases the chance of a service interruption. 

Footage.net partners with many of the world’s most prestigious footage companies, including Getty Images, FootageBank, Framepool, CNN ImageSource and Shutterstock, and has grown rapidly to become one of the largest and most comprehensive online stock footage databases. The Footage.net stock footage search and screening platform provides users with access to a vast array of motion content, including network news, stunning wildlife imagery, adventure sports, exotic location shots, and a deep trove of historical footage. Footage.net’s user interface and improved search capabilities provide researchers with the necessary tools to fully utilize its enormous footage database, work with images, manage results and communicate with Footage.net's content partners. And because Footage.net searches encompass multiple collections, users always get a global perspective on their footage options. 

About Footage.net

Footage.net is the world’s premier online resource for stock footage research. Since 1994, Footage.net has focused on meeting the needs of both footage users and footage providers. Today, Footage.net remains committed to helping users find the best footage as quickly and easily as possible; generating new leads and licensing opportunities for our member archives; and strengthening the footage licensing industry as a whole.  Our dedicated search engine makes it easy for creative professionals to search 40 world-class footage collections simultaneously and view nearly three million clips, many of which are available for download. Our Global Search partners include some of the best-known companies in the stock footage industry, including Getty Images, FootageBank, Framepool, Historic Films and NBC News Archives, as well as some exciting new specialist collections, such as Skyworks, CriticalPast and OceanFootage. Footage.net is also home to the Zap Email, used every day by creative professionals to send footage requests instantly to over 50 top footage providers. Whether they’re up against a deadline or searching for an obscure clip, creatives rely on Zap Emails to initiate their footage research projects, providing our Zap subscribers with a steady stream of new leads.