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Use our Footage Experts Directory to connect with a growing list of global footage researchers, archival producers and rights & clearance specialists who are ready, willing and able to help you find and clear the stock, archival and news footage you need. If you would like to list yourself in our Footage Experts Directory, please click here to get started.


Shachar Abiry - Footage Researcher

Experienced visual and footage researcher. Specializing in Israeli materials. Documentary and digital content creator.

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jim anderson - Archive Producer/Film researcher

25 years Film researcher and Archive producer Producer and Director, AP and Archive consultant.

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Laura Annick - Footage Researcher

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sasha armani - Footage Researcher

start up web based news program

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Michael Ball - Producer

Researcher - VH1

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Alessio Balza - Footage Researcher

HD video clips

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George Bartko-Six Degrees - Footage Researcher

Six Degrees provides research, rights and clearances for feature film and TV clips, music, iconic personalities, athletes, sports leagues and all other intellectual properties. In addition we provide a streamlined approach to sourcing and licensing stock content including footage, photos and audio clips utilized in advertising and entertainment.

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Gil Barukh - Footage Researcher

Footage Researcher.

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