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What is
What does do?
What is's mission?
What makes searching at different and better?
What is a Zap Email?
Can I buy footage from
Do I need to register to use the service?
Why should I use
Does rep footage?
How is the Footage Industry Directory different from the search platform?
What is the newswire and how can I take part in it?
Can I access from my Smartphone?

Buying footage

Can I buy stock footage directly through

When I find a piece of stock footage on, what do I do then?
Why can't I see prices?

Members / Suppliers

Where does get its footage?

What footage collections am I searching at

How can I find out more about each archive?

How can I get in touch with the owner of a clip?

What can I do with the list of companies that appear to the left of the search results?

Can I host my footage on

Clips & Text Records

Can I screen clips on

What is a Text Record?

Can I download screening clips on

Can I download a useable clip?
What is the difference between the number of records and the number of images?

Can I search for clips only?
If I find a record that does not have an associated video clip, how can I see that clip?


Who uses
Do I need to register to use the service?

Clip bin

How do I save a clip on

Footage types

What are the main categories of footage?

Does have any royalty-free footage?

What's difference between rights-managed and royalty-free footage?


How can I advertise on
What is the Featured Archive?